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Common Mistakes of Agency Startups + How to Avoid Them with Kara Jensen

August 1, 2021

In this episode, our guest Kara Jensen, Co-Founder of Bop Design discusses common mistakes of agency startups and how to avoid them. Kara loves the entrepreneurial journey and roots for anyone who decides to pursue it. She's learned some of these lessons the hard way; others she's learned from peers and mentors. Kara hopes If one or two of these tips helps the next agency startup, then she's done her job. The lessons Kara covers includes:  1) Trying to be everything to everyone 2) Doing everything yourself 3) Ignoring sales and marketing 4) Not developing systems.

Kara Jensen is co-founder and CEO of Bop Design, a boutique B2B digital marketing agency. With a background in web design and marketing, Kara leads the creative and tech teams at Bop Design, helping to produce beautiful, lead-generating websites and high-impact content marketing programs. Since co-founding the company in 2009, Kara has been visionary in developing an exceptional, multidisciplinary team and honing client service delivery.


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